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Mike and Nettie Nulph have been serving with GFA Missions since 1973. For fourteen years they ministered in Edinburgh, Scotland, where they started Bethany Baptist Church. Three men from his ministry attended Bob Jones University. Sandy Edgar pastored the church in Edinburgh for a time and is now serving the Lord in Nova Scotia.  He and his wife are preparing to return to serve as tentmakers in Dundee, Scotland. Geoff Rodd returned to the UK with his wife and has been working in a church in Bristol, England.

The Lord redirected the Nulphs to British Columbia through the health needs of one of their children. In 1991 they joined David and Marilyn Janke in Abbortsford, working in their church and running their small Bible institute. When the Jankes started another church about 40 minutes away, Mike became the pastor of Central Valley Baptist Church.

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Born to a Christian famly in Montgomery, Alabama, Dave McCroskey’s life has been marked by the physical adversity and challenges that God has given to him.  As an infant Dave’s oral cavity was disfigured and severely damaged by a rare, aggressive tumor.  In addition, he was also diagnosed with polyarticular, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which has left Dave’s joints in a crippled and chronically painful state.  The arthritis spread to Dave’s eyes as a teenager resulting in complete blindness in one eye as well as limited vision in the other.  In 23 years, Dave has undergone 29 surgeries, 7 years of speech therapy, 9 years of physical therapy, and an innumerable number of hospital stays and doctor visits.  Overcoming his physical challenges, however, Dave is a three-time national high school debate champion, accomplished college graduate, and published author. Currently Dave teaches Bible at Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, IN, and travels as a coveted speaker at youth conferences, teen camps, and churches.

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