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Central America & The Caribbean

Rolston, Leroy & Amber (Honduras)

Middle East

Coleman, Charles & Elda (Pakistan)

North America

Ashley, Gary & Kathy (Puerto Rico)

Crocker, Jon & Andrea (Mexico)

Baker, Lloyd (United States)

Chavez, Chris & Sarah (United States)

Endicott, Thad & Cheri (United States)

Moye, Rodney & Diana (United States)

Nulph, Michael & Nettie (Canada)

Phillips, Jim & Jan (United States)

Phillips, Chad & Linda (United States)

Quitter, Matt & Diadem (United States)

Stark, Tony & Kathy (United States)

Talbott, Dwight & Ruth (Canada)

Pacific Islands

Allen, John & Selina (Papua New Guinea)

Allen, Matt & Becky (Papua New Guinea)

Comstock, Craig & Leanna (New Zealand)

Henderson, Bill and Tanya (Guam)

Williams, Jeff & Debbie (New Zealand)

South America

Domingos, Joseph & Lorraine (Brazil)

Dougherty, Daniel & Heather (Peru)

Harris, Don & Ruthie (Argentina)

Hill, Raleigh & Cassie (Argentina)

Kieffer, Bill & Susan (Brazil)

Saint, Nate & Christine (Chile)

Woodard, David & Melanie (Peru)

Matt and Diadem

We send them out to be a light in the world as missionaries to forgotten peoples.